vMUSE Enterprise

vMUSE Enterprise, the latest version of ARINC’s well-known MUSE® (Multi-User System Environment) common use platform, combines the security and reliability of vMUSE with advanced virtualisation technology to provide seamless, multi-airline check-in without having to install and manage on-site servers and platform software. Working within the ARINC private cloud, vMUSE Enterprise puts the power of common use systems within reach of airports and airlines whose passenger volumes may be too small to justify the investment in traditional CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) infrastructure.


Benefits | Virtual Multi-User System Environment

vMUSE users realize space savings, power savings, and reduced up-front capital costs as well as lower operation and maintenance costs due to the near elimination of on-site infrastructure.


Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes | Cost Effective Passenger Processing System

“Virtual machines” share hardware and execute programs just like physical machines, including processor, memory, network connections and peripheral ports.

The Business Case

Business Case for vMUSE Enterprise | Reduce Operational Costs

By choosing vMUSE Enterprise you can avoid investing in on-site servers and reduce the demand for “real estate” in a constrained space where every square foot counts.



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