Behind the Scenes


One of the key technologies underlying vMUSE Enterprise and other hosted services is server virtualisation. “Virtual machines” share hardware and execute programs just like physical machines, including processor, memory, network connections and peripheral ports. These run on high-performance servers in a data centre accessed over a secure IP network from desktops at the airport.

vMuse Enterprise Server Virtualisation


Moving the computing tasks to the cloud also gives vMUSE Enterprise customers flexibility in deploying their desktop clients with a choice of traditional PC’s, laptops, or thin client devices.

With no moving parts, support costs are lower and the power consumption of thin client devices is considerably less than that of a PC; energy savings have been estimated at between 30% and 80% of support costs.


As the latest in the family of MUSE platforms, vMUSE Enterprise supports any printers and readers certified by ARINC.



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