vMUSE offers secure connections into the cloud


With vMUSE Enterprise users can realize space savings, power savings, and reduced up-front capital costs as well as lower operation and maintenance costs due to the near elimination of on-site infrastructure. Despite the savings in cost, vMUSE Enterprise delivers the same common-use capabilities as full-size, server-based terminal installations of CUTE systems.

Because the major components of vMUSE Enterprise are safely stored in the cloud, it can be deployed rapidly in any environment where power and the internet are available, making it ideal for small and seasonal airports, airport parking terminals, rental car facilities, transit stations, and overflow use.

vMUSE offers secure connections into the cloud with its elasticity of resources and promise of even greater savings through the use of a vast centralised computing infrastructure that can be easily accessed via the internet. This is, in effect, “pay-as-you-go” computing that reduces capital expenditure, minimises management overheads and gives immediate access – with nearly infinite capacity – to a broad range of applications.



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