Avoid investing in on-site servers


White Plains Westchester County Airport near New York City is a busy regional airport which annually handles one million passengers flying to 10 major cities. When it came time to renew the contract with this long-standing customer (White Plains was one of ARINC’s first common use airports more than 15 years ago), the airline management wanted to move to a hosted solution to support the operations of the six airlines White Plains serves.

By choosing vMUSE Enterprise they not only avoided investing in on-site servers, but they reduced the demand for “real estate” in a constrained space where every square foot counts. As of July 2011 the system was handling 2,000 passenger check-ins each day at both desk workstations and self-service kiosks.

Other airports that have implemented vMUSE Enterprise recently include:

  • London, Ontario
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Belfast City Airport, Northern Ireland
  • Toronto City Airport, Ontario

The cost savings of running multiple workstation operating systems on servers in the cloud versus traditional, on-site servers range between 50% and 70%.



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